Round Cake Pans

Round Cake Pans

A review of some of the best round cake pans available.

Very few items in your kitchen will be taken for granted more than round cake pans.  Few items will be abused and misused more than a round cake pan.  This poorly treated pan is the backbone of a successful cake recipe, yet we treat it like a catch-all pan that is often used for everything except actually baking a cake.

Like most kitchen utensils there is a wide variety of round cake pans to choose from.  Sizes range from 4″ to 12″, with 9″ being the most commonly used size.  Some are spring form pans, some have removable bottoms.  You can get a round cake pan with pre-cut parchment paper liners while other sets will include spatulas and pan lids.  The options are almost unlimited.

Round cake pans, like most baking sheets, are usually made from 3 different materials.  Aluminum, steel and silicon are the most commonly used materials and all three have pluses and minuses.   Aluminum is very good at distributing heat, helping to ensure an even bake.  Steel is lightweight but strong and often has a non-stick surface.  Silicone is all purpose, easy to clean and handles high heat very well.  There isn’t one material that is definitely the way to go when you are buying cake pans, it will depend on what you are planning to do with the pans.

Springform Pans

Many cake recipes, especially for cheesecake, will call for a springform, or spring mold, pan.  Basically a springform pan is a round pan that comes apart.    This piece of bakeware will separate the sides from the bottom, allowing you to leave the cake on the bottom of the pan but remove the sides.  Some recipes will call for the bottom to be lined with parchment paper or grease.  The spring style release removes the possible mishap of trying to get a cake out of the pan without tearing it.  These pans are a bit heavier than a traditional round cake pan but bake the same way.

Our Favorite Round Cake Pans

Every kitchen should have a few round cake pans.  It will make your baking life so much easier if you have at least one 9″ springform pan and two or three 9″ round pans.  Other sizes are convenient to have on hand but most recipes are based on a 9″ pan.  Most recipes that call for round cake pans mean a 9″ pan.

Cuisinart 9″ Round Cake Pan

A review of the Cuisinart 9 Inch Round cake pan.

Simple yet durable, this this non-stick heavy aluminized steel round cake pan is perfect for those recipes that don’t require a springform pan.  The rolled edges are very thick, helping to keep the pans from warping.  Dishwasher safe and very easy to clean after using.

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Amazon Basics Non-Stick Round 9″ Baking Pan Set

A review of Amazon Basics Non Stick 9 Inch Round Baking Pan

This is a great value for a very good round baking pan.  You get two 9″ round pans made from heavy weight carbon steel.  The surface is coated with a non-stick treatment that is rated for safety up to 500 degrees.  Hand washing is recommended for these pans, dishwasher detergent can scratch the surface.  This is a very good value, 2 well made pans for around $12.

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Hiware 10″ Non-Stick Springform Round Cake Pan

A review of the Hiware 10 Inch Non Stick Springform Round Cake Pan.

At 10″ this springform pan is 1″ wider than the other pans reviewed but the size difference doesn’t really cause a problem.  This is one of the best springform pans that we tried.  Not only is the pan well made and durable, it is leak proof when sealed properly.  The non-stick coating is double layered and does require hand washing.  One note-some Instant Pot recipes call for making lasagna in a springform pan.  At 10″ this is probably too wide to fit into your Instant Pot.

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Megrocle 9″ Silicone Round Cake Pans

A review fo Megrocle 9 Inch Round Silicone Cake Pans.

Since the introduction of silicone plastic that is safe for baking and cooking, all types of kitchen utensils have been produced using this material.  Recently cake and loaf pans of all sizes have been made in silicone and the baking results have been very good.  The Megrocle 9″ set is a great value and these pans are very versatile.  They work well for baking up to 450 degrees but also can be used in the microwave.  The silicone surface is very easy to clean and you can turn these pans inside out to clean out any crumbs are baking residue.

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A good round baking pan is generally inexpensive, regardless of the material it is made of.  Silicone is inexpensive and very versatile but it won’t work well for recipes like a cheese cake or an ice cream cake.  Make your life in the kitchen a little easier by having a few of these important little pans on hand at all times.