Our Favorite Cookie Sheets

Our Favorite Cookie Sheets

We review and rate some of our favorite cookie sheets.

Baking cookies can be therapeutic.  There is something calming about mixing together flour, butter, sugar and other favorite ingredients.  Add in the aroma of freshly baked cookies and you have a combination for wonderful memories and sweet treats.  Now, you just need to make  sure you have the right cookie sheet.

To clear up any confusion, let’s make sure we know the difference between a cookie sheet and a baking sheet.  In general, they are the same.  They will be made from aluminum or steel and are capable of handling high heats.  They distribute heat evenly for a nice brown finish on your food.  There are differences that come into play when you determine what you are going to use the sheet for.

Definition Of A Cookie Sheet

While both cookie sheets and baking sheets work the same in the oven, most cookie sheets have only one side with an edge or lip.  A baking sheet will have an edge or lip on all four sides.  The reason for this is simple.  Having only one side with a lip means that the baker can grab the cookie sheet by the lip and easily slide the cookies off of the sheet onto the cooling rack.  You don’t have to maneuver your cookie flipper around an edge, everything slides off (or is easily accessible).

Insulated cookie sheets are actually two sheets with a layer of air between them.  This allows for hot air to circulate better, giving your cookies a more even heat and a more even browning.  However, they don’t work well if you want a crisp cookie.

Some cookie sheets have a non-stick surface.  These are wonderful for easy clean up but the non-stick treatment will wear off with use.  If the surface is showing signs of wear out, or if the pan is warping, get rid of the pan.  Cookie sheets with a darker surface (usually form a non-stick treatment) can cause cookies to get too brown.  You generally need to reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees.

#1 Calphalon Non Stick Cookie Sheet

A review of Calphalon Non Stick Cookie Sheet

Calphalon is best known for its heavy duty anodized aluminum pots and pans, but they also make a really good cookie sheet.  This sheet is a bit of a hybrid.  Where most cookie sheets have one side with an edge and baking sheets have four sides with an edge, this sheet has 2 sides with an edge.

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-Heavy duty steel construction.  This cookie sheet will handle high heat without warping.

-Dishwasher safe.  Most products with a non-stick surface have issues with a dishwasher, the detergent will scratch the finish.  Not so with this sheet, you can toss it safely in the dishwasher.

-2 layer non-stick treatment.  This eliminates the problem of the non-stick surface wearing out. Plus, it makes it easier to take the cookies or rolls off of the sheet.

-17″ X 14″ is large enough for almost any baking need.


-Even though it is rated safe for dishwashers, the sheet is large enough that it may not fit in some dishwashers.

-For some reason, Calphalon added a raised logo in the middle of the pan.

#2 AirBake Non Stick Cookie Sheet Set

A review of the AirBake non stick cookie sheet set.

This 2 piece cookie sheet set by AirBake is a great value, 2 sheets for around $18.  The sheets are insulated (meaning they have two layers with an air layer between for even heating) and are designed to keep you from burning the cookies or other baked goods that you are making.

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-There are 2 cookie sheets in this set.  One is 16″ X 14″, the other sheet is  14″ X 12″

-Both sheets are insulated.  Insulated sheets do a great job of heat distribution and you find that goods will bake more evenly.

-Non stick surface treatment.  AirBake says that the sheets are dishwasher safe but that you shouldn’t use detergent pods.  The surface may get pitted if washed with a harsh dishwasher detergent.


-Aluminum construction.  Normally aluminum is a great material for baking and cookie sheets but when coated with a non stick treatment there may be some warping, causing the non stick surface to crack.

-Even though the sheets are rated dishwasher safe (except for detergent pods) they are insulated and you may end up with water between the layers.

#3 Nordic Ware Classic Cookie Sheet

A review of the Nordic Ware Classic cookie sheet.

While most people know of Nordic Ware for their iconic bundt cake pan, they are also know for making high quality cookie and baking sheets.  This large (16″ X 14″) pan is made in the USA and is made from pure aluminum.  Bakers love how aluminum distributes heat evenly and the rolled edge has an easy to grip shape that makes taking the pan out of the oven a snap.


-Made from heavy duty aluminum.  This material is wonderful for baking, it spreads the heat evenly across the pan.

-Made in the USA.  Nordic Ware is known for high quality baking products.

-The slanted rolled end makes for easy removal from the oven.


-Aluminum requires hand washing.  Most foods don’t stick to aluminum so clean up is simple but some people want to be able to toss everything into the dishwasher.

-Size.  Nordic Ware calls this a large sheet but at 16″ X 14″ is is 1-2″ shorter than some other sheets.

-The edges are a bit sharp.  You need to exercise some caution if younger children are helping you bake, they need to be aware of the sharp edges.

#4 USA Pan Bakeware Cookie Sheet

A reveiw of the USA Pan Bakeware cookie sheet.

This was one of the most unusual cookie sheets tested.  With its corrugated surface the USA Pan seemed like food wouldn’t bake properly and would stick.  Both assumptions turned out to be false, the corrugated bottom made the surface super non-stick and the cookies baked up nice and brown.  This cookie sheet is made from heavy gauge aluminum and is made in the USA.

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-Made from heavy gauge aluminum.  This cookie sheet is sturdy and won’t warp with regular use.

-The corrugated surface does a great job of baking cookies evenly.  It also makes the pan non-stick, cookies slid off the pan.

-Instead of a rolled edge this sheet has a raised edge and the top and smaller edges on the side.  It’s very easy to grab and pull out of the oven.


-Not recommended for temperatures over 400 degrees.  You won’t be baking cookies at this high heat but if you want to use this pan for other baking purposes the higher heat could lead to warping.

-The corrugated surface can bake faster than usual.  You may have to reduce your oven’s temperature, or cut back on the baking time.  Some recipes will require adjustments.

Reviews on some of the best cookie sheets.

Some Final Thoughts

Yes, you can bake cookies on a baking sheet.  They both will bake just fine.

Yes, you can use cookie sheets for foods other than cookies.

Yes, you can put some non-stick cookie sheets in the dishwasher.

Yes, you can use a silicone mat or parchment paper with a cookie sheet.

No, you shouldn’t put insulated sheets in the dishwasher

No, you shouldn’t roast meat on a sheet you bake cookies on.