Finding The Best Baking Utensils

Finding The Best Baking Utensils

Ask any experienced baker what they never have enough of and the answer will probably be baking utensils.  They probably have a rack full of cookbooks and a few cupboards full of pans and bake ware, but they will almost always feel that they could use a few more baking and kitchen utensils.

A kitchen utensil, also known as a baking utensil, is a small  hand held instrument typically used for food preparation in the kitchen. Common baking chores include stirring, chopping food items for preparation, sifting and mixing dry ingredients, blending and beating. Kitchen utensils come in a variety of sizes and designs. Some of the most commonly used kitchen utensils include spatulas, spoons, whisks, scrapers, brushes and ladles.  Each of these tools has their own specific purpose that is used in the kitchen.

You Can Never Have Too Many Spatulas

Good quality baking utensils can be made from a wide variety of materials.  Spatulas, or scrapers, can be made from plastic, nylon or silicone.  These materials are light weight and can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher.  Other utensils can be made from stainless steel or aluminum and many bakers will have utensils made from different materials.  Sometimes it is a matter of convenience, other times you may need to use wooden spoons instead of plastic spoons.

Spatulas are probably the most common baking utensil used by cooks and bakers.  The name can be confusing as flippers and turners are also called spatulas.  For baking, a spatula is the utensil used to scrape the sides of a bowl, spread batters or mix ingredients.  Usually these are made from silicone or heavy nylon, making them sturdy enough to mix most batters and frostings.

Wood is often used in the manufacturing of baking utensils.  It’s sturdy and won’t react with foods, especially acidic ingredients, the way that plastic can.  Having a few wooden spoons on hand for stirring and mixing is a good rule of thumb, both slotted and solid.  They require a bit more work for clean up but they will last forever.

How many baking utensils are too many?  If you have a couple of drawers crammed full of utensils you are probably over stocked.  But you should have a good assortment of spoons, both plastic and wood, at least 4 spatulas and a nice variety of measuring spoons, whisks, brushes and a ladle or two.  Your baking life will me much easier and more successful if you have the proper tools.