Choosing A Silicone Baking Mat

Choosing A Silicone Baking Mat

Tips for finding the best silicone baking mat.

Bakers have always struggled with the problem of getting food to release from a baking sheet or pan without sticking.  There have been some improvements with materials used for the baking sheet itself, non-stick surfaces can be useful.  The problem with non-stick surfaces is that they can warp and scratch, sometimes to the point where the surface material is coming off on the food.  While parchment paper has been available for many years, the introduction of silicone rubber mats for baking was a major addition for any kitchen.

Professional bakers have been using silicone mats for years but it has only been recently that they have been practical and affordable for home baking.  The mats are made with fiberglass and silicone rubber.  Before you panic at the thought of eating fiberglass be aware that the fiberglass is actually impregnated into the silicone and is inert and stationary.  Both materials are excellent conductors of heat and the silicone surface means that food won’t stick, even when baked at high heat.

Why Use Silicone Baking Mats?

The advantages of silicone mats revolve around making the baking experience more enjoyable and easier.  Here are a few good reasons for using a baking mat:

  1. Ease of clean up.  When you are done baking, just was off the mat with warm soapy water.  Even if something is messy and melts on the mat, it will wipe right off.
  2.  A mat will replace parchment paper or aluminum foil.  Many bakers will line their baking sheets with parchment or foil to help with clean up.  Both products are then thrown away after being used.  Using a mat means no waste.
  3. Less burning.  Because they distribute heat so well and so evenly, a silicone mat helps to avoid over browning or burning baked goods.
  4.  They are very versatile.  You can use them for baking desserts but you can also use them for baking other foods.  If you have baked fish before you know the problems with sticking.  Use a silicone mat, problem solved
  5.  They can be used as a surface for rolling out dough.  Just sprinkle with a little flour and you have the perfect surface for rolling out bread dough or a pie crust.

Prices for silicone baking mats have dropped dramatically in the last few years.  One single mat used to cost around $25, now you can get a good quality mat for $10.

Here are a few of our favorite silicone mats:

#1 Kinzini 4 Piece Silicone Mat Set

A review of the Kitzini silicone baking mat.

This set is a tremendous value.  You will get 4 silicone baking mats, all the same size.  One nice feature is that the edges are rolled silicone, helping to make sure the mats don’t tear.


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#2 HotPop 4 Piece Silicon Baking Mat Set

A review of HotPop silicone baking mats.

This set of 4 silicone baking mats by HotPop is unique for two different and very good reasons.  First, you get two different sizes of mats.  Second, the mats have outlines on them.  These are handy if you are baking cookies, just put the cookie dough in the center of each circle.

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#3 Rozotti 6 Piece Silicone Mat Set.

A review of the Rozotti Silicone Baking Mats And Utensils.

Dollar for dollar, this is the best silicone baking mat set to be found on Amazon.  You receive 4 silicone mats, 2 full size plus 2 half size.  The two sizes give you a lot of flexibility, especially when using smaller sheets.  This set also comes with a silicone spatula and a baking brush.  All 6 pieces are of excellent quality.

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#4 Kitzini Extra Large Baking Mat With Measurements

A review of the Kitzini Over Sized Baking Mat With Measurements.

This extra large baking mat is different from the other mats reviewed here.  Being oversized, it works only with cookie sheets that have only one edge or rim. Where this mat shines is the heavyweight materials used and the surprisingly helpful measurement guide printed on the top.  You can use this mat when rolling dough or pie crusts and the outlines will tell you if you have the right size.

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A Little More On Silicone Baking Mats

Storing silicone baking mats can be easy.  They can be stored lying flat in a drawer or they can be rolled up.  Rolling a mat won’t harm it, the material is very flexible.

You can put your mat in the dishwasher by lying it on the top rack.  This may not be very efficient but it will get the job done.  Because the mats are non-stick it is very easy to wipe the surface with a damp towel.  However, the mat will get a greasy build up after repeated uses so a good cleaning will be required.

Prices vary but you can usually get a set of 4 mats for under $20.

One drawback to using silicone mats is that some baked goods won’t crisp like they would on an aluminum sheet.