Cake And Coffee

Cake And Coffee

Cake and coffee seem to go together like, well, cake and coffee.  Most of us relate cake and other desserts to the end of a meal, sometimes enjoyed with coffee. Have you ever had a bad coffee day? The first thing you say is “what happened to my coffee?” The second thing you say is “I don’t want coffee anymore”. You eat your ice cream, I will be over there stuffing faces with gooey chocolate cake.  Well, maybe I will have an espresso.

Can You Really Have A Bad Coffee Day?

What did you eat with your coffee on that bad coffee day? Did you snack on coffee cake, chocolate chip cookies, or even something from the chocolate shop?  Sometimes foods that usually go well with our coffee will suddenly taste bad.  Or, the reverse is true and the coffee tastes off while the food tastes good.

It’s also common to have a coffee shake these days. A coffee shake is basically just a combination of milk, sugar, coffee beans, and anything else you’d put in a traditional coffee shake. Some of my friends actually make coffee desserts with coffee syrups.  Coffee flavored syrup is also commonly added to coffee desserts.

Mixing Coffee And Desserts

Two of my favorites coffee desserts that use a cappuccino type of ice cream base are the macaroons and the coffee cake. The main difference between these two desserts is the ingredients. A cappuccino is made with espresso coffee, and the coffee cake is made with a sweetened rolled coffee cake batter. Typically you can find the cappuccino at coffee houses in New York, however you can also find it for very good cost at many Asian restaurants.

Some other delectable ideas include fruit-flavored ice creams, and some desserts that use almond, coconut, and/or coconut oil as their natural sweeteners. You’ll also come across unique flavors such as strawberry shortcake and banana nut brownie. Dark chocolate desserts usually contain cookies, pastries, or candy coated almonds. Other dark chocolate desserts may be made with pure cocoa instead of the added sugar that is typically found in traditional dark chocolates. If you’re looking for something a little different, try vanilla almond chocolates, which are made without artificial sweeteners and with healthy fats.

You can also make a coffee-flavored whipped cream mixture by using equal parts of coffee and cream. All you need to do is mix together the coffee and cream until they are completely blended. You can also make a hot coffee and cream mixture, which are a great addition to any of your basic coffee and sugar-based desserts. If you are looking for a great way to spruce up your desserts, why not try adding in a coffee-flavored mixture?