Baking And Cooking Tips

Baking And Cooking Tips

Many people dream of becoming a great cook or baker, but just the thought of cooking evokes fear in many would-be chefs. Whether you want to whip up quick meals for the family, baking the perfect dessert or throw a stylish dinner party, you should always be looking to learn things here that will increase your culinary skills.

If you have to cook or bake for an important event, such as a new boss or for a dinner party, don’t experiment with new recipes or new ideas.  Make sure you practiced preparing the dish first for your own family or friends, you don’t want unplanned surprises.  Those practice meals are the times to fool around with new ideas or ingredients.  Baking requires following a recipe and being precise.

Is Cooking Harder Than Baking?

Pasta can be tricky.  A good trick to help increase the texture and quality of your pasta is to finish cooking with the pasta in the pan with sauce. Prepare you pasta to just shy of al dente before adding it to the sauce. Giving it a few more minutes to cook in the sauce will allow it to absorb some of the sauce, increasing the taste and making the pasta feel firmer.

Chopping onion tips

If you have to slice or chop onions, try this old trick.  Holding a match between your teeth, tilt your head a bit to the side and chop away.  It may sound silly but be sure the match is not lit. This trick usually helps to keep those stinging, itchy eyes and uncontrolled tears from popping up. There aren’t many chores with baking that will make you cry.

Baking Chicken

Bake your chicken with a wide variety of other ingredients. If you are making a chicken dish that includes an ingredient like onions, place the chicken over them. Oil the pan and cut the onion into thin slices. Place the slices in the pan and lay the chicken on top them. The juices from the meat will soak down into the onions, adding a lot of flavor.  Baking chicken can add a new world of flavor to chicken dishes.

Using a collapsible steamer basket can help you to make the tastiest steamed vegetables. These devices can be found easily online or in stores and they are usually inexpensive. They will fit into just about almost any sized pot you already have and are adaptable for almost any vegetable you plan to enjoy. Be careful and watch your cooking times, you don’t want to end up with mushy vegetables.

Plan Your Shopping Trips

When you are ready to head out to the supermarket, try not to drag along a large shopping list.  A too long list can restrain you to just getting certain items that you need for the meal your are planning.  Check what you like and what you are in need of for your planned meal and purchase based on that. Shopping like this will give you the flexibility to cook and save some money.  Use your recipe as your shopping guide.

Following these basic tips can help you cook and bake like a pro, helping you to become the talented cook that you’ve always wanted to be.  Your own kitchen is the perfect place to practice and your family will enjoy trying the different meals and desserts that you bake. If you make mistake, you just need to try something different.