A Stand Mixer For Under $100?

A Stand Mixer For Under $100?

Is it possible to get a decent stand mixer for under $100? Common sense says no way, you’ll get junk. A KitchenAid starts at $300 and that’s before you add any accessories.  Finding a stand mixer for less than $100 seemed like a pipe dream, until we found the Cheftronic mixer.  Here is a very good $100 stand mixer, in fact it is less than $100.  Who knew such a thing even existed?

What Do You Get For Less Than $100?

To start, let’s look at the motor.  Most of the top of the line mixers will feature motors that range from 300 to 600 watts.  This size is large enough to handle almost any mixing or kneading task that will happen in a kitchen.  This mixer comes with a very good sized 350 motor, meaning that you will be able to mix the stiffest of batters and knead bread dough without stressing out the motor.

Best Features Of The Cheftronic MixerThere are 6 speeds available with this motor, plenty of options for most recipes.  The control for the mixer is on the side and is easy to use, just turn the dial to the desired speed.  The head tilts and will lock in the upright position, making it easy to add ingredients, scrape the bowl or mix in items by hand.  It’s surprising how many expensive stand mixers don’t have this feature.

The bowl is decent sized at 4.2 quarts.  A five quart bowl is preferred, but almost any recipe will fit just fine in a 4.2 ounce bowl.  It is stainless steel and there is a well made splatter shield guard that is included with the mixer.  This works well for adding ingredients while the mixing is in action, and keeps ingredients like flour from splashing up while mixing.

3 Mixing Attachments Included

Features Of The Cheftronic Stand Mixer

Included with the mixer, the bowl and the splatter guard are three separate mixing attachments.  These are similar to the attachments that you will find with other stand mixers.  There is a wire whisk for eggs and light sauces.  A kneading hook is a great attachment, you will be surprised at how well it will knead bread dough.  The flat paddle is the attachment that you will use most.  It’s sturdy aluminum and fits perfectly in the mixing bowl.

Is this a great stand mixer?  No, there are some shortcomings.  As mentioned, the bowl is on the small side and it doesn’t have a handle.  That’s no uncommon with stand mixers, but a handle on the bowl makes a big difference.  The casing is mostly plastic.  It’s easy to clean but more expensive mixers have casings made from cast steel.  Plastic can crack, although the unit is lighter because of the plastic casing.  That makes it easier to move.

Should you buy this mixer?  If you are on a budget, yes.  Less than $100 at retail makes this a very good deal.  If you bake every week, this is probably not the mixer for you.  While it is well made, it is not as sturdy as cast steel mixers.  However, if you bake only once or twice a month, this would be a good mixer to have on hand.

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