A Hand And Stand Mixer Combination For Less Than $50

A Hand And Stand Mixer Combination For Less Than $50

Some bakers will only use a stand mixer. Some will only use a hand mixer, while others will use both.   Both can do the job at hand, which is mixing, but both have pros and cons.  Now, there is a combination hand and stand mixer from Hamilton Beach that allows you to have both options with the same kitchen appliance. Amazingly, this combination tool is less than $50 and does a surprisingly good job at mixing.

A Classic Stand Mixer That Can Be A Hand Mixer

This is an interesting kitchen appliance.  At its core, it is a decent stand mixer with a good sized motor.  It has a solid base and the mixer attaches easily at the top.  There is a tilt and lock feature so that you can tip the mixer for easy access to the bowl.  The footprint isn’t large, this mixer won’t take up a lot of counter or cupboard space.

The bowl is on the small side, but at 4 quarts it’s large enough to handle most recipes.  It slots nicely into the base and can be locked, meaning that the bowl won’t start moving around if the ingredients being mixed start to shift.  Made of aluminum, the bowl can be put into the dishwasher, although hand washing is best.

The motor is average in size at 290 watts.  300 watts is the norm for most stand mixers, with some of the premier mixers having motors that are rated at 500 watts.  However, 290 watts is enough motor to handle just about any chore that you will assign to your mixer.

Can Be Used As A Hand Mixer

The interesting feature of this mixer is that it is a combination, meaning it is both a stand mixer and a hand mixer.  Have a batter that needs a few minutes of mixing?  Use this appliance as a stand mixer and you will love the results.  Does the recipe call for beaten egg whites?  Detach the mixer from the stand and use it as a hand mixer.  You have the same powerful motor but you can use it as you would any other hand mixer.

There are three mixing attachments that can be used for both stand mixing and hand mixing.  The wire whisk is probably more practical when you are using the appliance as a hand mixer, but it works well with the stand mixer.  The beaters are the attachment that will get the most use.  They are stainless steel and can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy clean up.  Two kneading hooks are also included.  However, this appliance isn’t made for heavy bread dough and you may not use the hooks very often.

Is this a spectacular mixer?  No, but for less than $50 it is a surprisingly good mixer.  If you bake once or twice a week you will find that this mixer will handle most of the tasks you want done.  If you are baking bread or making pie crust, this is not the unit for you.  $50 is an amazing price for any type of mixer, and the fact that you can do both stand and hand mixing makes this a really good value for your kitchen.

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